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Kids Curtains For Every Space

Window treatments add a finishing touch to your child's room. In addition to being decorative, kids curtains can also be functional, helping to filter out light so that your child enjoys a restful night's sleep. This Pottery Barn Kids collection features an array of curtain styles, allowing you to find one well-suited for your space. Whether you're looking to filter out light in a sunny room or simply add some decoration to your window, you can discover a style you love in this collection. So, use the bedroom's paint colour, bedding and rug as inspiration as you shop for coordinating kids curtains for their space. First, learn more about what this Pottery Barn Kids collection has to offer.

Blackout Curtains

If light-filtering curtains are a must in your child's space, explore blackout curtains at Pottery Barn Kids. These cotton or linen curtains are elegant and durable, adding a lovely touch to your child's room. They feature a polyester lining that effectively filters out light to keep the room dark and conducive to sleep. These panel-style curtains come in multiple lengths, ensuring you find a curtain right for your room size. Find them available in many colours, including solid hues like navy, white, pink and grey, along with kid-friendly patterns like stripes, pom-poms and florals.

Roman Shades

Add a timeless touch to your child's bedroom windows with Roman shades. These kids curtains feature a cordless design, providing an additional layer of safety to create a kid-friendly space. Adjust the shade to its desired length to customize it to your space. Choose from solid-coloured shades, along with striped styles and others adorned with bows.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer kids curtains create a light and airy vibe in your child's bedroom. Let the sunlight flow in while still adding decorative charm with window treatments. Use these sheer curtains alone or layer them with drapes for added intrigue.

Elevate your child's bedroom decor with kids curtains. This Pottery Barn Kids collection features blackout and sheer curtains, along with Roman shades, giving you plenty of choices when you're looking to outfit bedroom windows. Discover the right look for your child's room today.