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Who can become a B2B Member?

Any business that designs spaces or procures products is eligible for membership. Interior design firms, architecture firms, owners and developers, brands, purchasing agents, set designers and stagers, independent/small businesses, chefs, and other qualified applicants in the commercial, hospitality, and food and beverage industries are encouraged to apply. To see if you qualify for a WSI B2B Membership, please check the list of qualifying documents needed here: https://www.wsib2b.com/ca/ca/legal.


How do I become a B2B Member?

Visit https://www.wsib2b.com/ca/join to join our program and become a B2B member today. To see if you qualify for a WSI B2B Membership, please check the list of qualifying documents needed to apply found here: https://www.wsib2b.com/ca/legal.


Can I use my Key Rewards with my B2B account?

Yes, you can apply your Key Rewards to B2B purchases.


How can I make changes to my account?

We're happy to help! Contact our Customer Service Team at 1.855.867.6344 or email us at canadab2b@wsgc.com.


How do I use my tax exemption on B2B purchases?

You can set your account as tax exempt by emailing your documentation to canadab2b@wsgc.com. For information on documentation, please visit: https://www.wsib2b.com/ca/help/how-do-i-set-up-tax-exemption.


What is contract testing?

WSI partnered with Bureau Veritas to develop our contract grade testing protocol. Our contract testing standard includes all required regulatory standards for residential use with additional tests specific to higher levels of use and durability from select ANSI and BIFMA testing standards. This testing best simulates the rigors of a wide range of commercial and hospitality environments.


Do you offer fabric, wood, glass, metal and rug swatches?

Swatches are available for many items and, if available, can be ordered directly through the website by contacting your local Account Executive or emailing us at canadab2b@wsgc.com.


Is there a minimum order quantity?

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