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Baby Room Decor For Your Child's Nursery

Designing a nursery for your baby requires all the right elements. You need a crib where your child can sleep soundly, a piece that also becomes the focal point of your room. You want to invest in high-quality bedding that isn't just soft and comfortable but also durable. You also want to find other pieces of furniture like ​​dressers and changing tables that allow you to streamline the efficiency of your baby care. Once these elements are in place, it's time to have fun with your room styling. Baby room decor from Pottery Barn Kids includes an array of options that help you carry your preferred colour scheme, theme and style throughout the space.

For the Wall

Baby room decor can bring colour and charm to the nursery walls. Discover creative ways to decorate the walls with the help of Pottery Barn Kids. This collection includes:

  • Lovely mirrors featuring intricately detailed frames, making these pieces both functional and stylish. Find mirror frames featuring butterflies or flowers. Scallop shapes or even Mickey Mouse ears elevate your room's decor. Hang them above the dresser to instantly update your space.
  • Wall decor includes pinboards perfect for displaying cherished baby pictures. Add texture and intrigue to the wall with heart garlands or rainbow murals. Or, get ready to keep track of your baby's height with a colourful canvas growth chart for their walls.
  • Add ambient lighting to the nursery with wall lighting, including a variety of nightlights well suited for a perfect night's sleep. Find wall-mounted lights, along with plug-in nightlights that can be helpful during late-night feedings. Kid-friendly designs feature the moon, stars, unicorns, flowers, Mickey Mouse and more.
  • Wall art elevates your nursery decor as well. Discover framed art featuring animals, vehicles and other kid-friendly designs. Floral medallions, crepe paper flowers, shelves and art displays are other baby nursery decor options for your child's room.

Elevate your baby's room with baby room decor from Pottery Barn Kids. This versatile collection includes an array of items ready to decorate your nursery walls to enhance the space.