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Kids Basket Designs For Easy Toy Organization

One of the best ways to keep a child's room or nursery organized is with the right storage solutions. The fantastic selection of storage bins and baskets at Pottery Barn Kids can help you keep all of the clutter to a minimum. Our kids basket collection includes a wide range of designs and sizes so that they can be used exactly where and when you need them. Whether you need a place to store all of your child's plush toys or all your nursery accessories, you're sure to find a basket for the job.

Beautiful Woven Designs

Most of the kids baskets available in our collection are crafted from woven materials like wool, wicker and water hyacinth, giving them a wonderful artisanal look and a warm appeal. The woven design lends them a fantastic texture and a great depth of colour, and you can choose from a range of light and dark finishes as well. Some are woven into the shapes of large and spacious totes, while others are designed in the shapes of cute animals like owls, giraffes, elephants and more. Find a kids basket that suits your child's tastes.

Sized Just Right For All Your Needs

Bins and baskets are such versatile storage solutions because they offer a large range of sizes to choose from. From small baskets perfect to organizing accessories to large nursery hampers that will easily hold all of the laundry your baby creates throughout the day, we've got a basket sized just right for any task. Some are small enough to sit on the dresser or changing table, while others are large enough to stand on the ground and are perfect for holding larger toys or blankets.

Kids and Nursery Storage Solutions

The right kids basket ensemble can help you put a lid on the clutter in your child's bedroom. Explore Pottery Barn Kids for all your kids and nursery storage solutions, including nursery and changing table storage to keep essentials like diapers and lotion on hand. A neat and organized space will be more enjoyable for both you and your child.