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Toys For Boys and Girls

Pottery Barn Kids is your one-stop shop for toys for boy and girls of any age. From rattles and stuffed animals for the tiniest babies to plush rockers for the toddler and dress-up costumes and play kitchens for school age kids, Pottery Barn Kids has a wide selection of toys for all of the special boys and girls in your life. You'll also find outdoor toys as well as toys designed specifically for kids at different developmental stages.

The Options

Pottery Barn Kids has a range of adorable baby toys for boys and girls under age two. For really young babies, you'll find rattles and pacifier holders, activity mats that are perfect for tummy time and of course, a menagerie of sweet plush toys. For older babies, there are toys to encourage their development and help them explore their senses. Blocks, sorting toys, simple instruments and walkers are also perfect for this age group.

If you're shopping for toys for boys and girls who are a bit older, you'll find plenty to choose from in the Pottery Barn Kids collection. A budding artist might love an easel that has a white board, a chalkboard and a roll of art paper for creating endless masterpieces. Little ones who can't sit still will be delighted by a plush rocker shaped like a magical unicorn, cuddly lion or vintage steam train. If you're looking for an alternative to toys for boys and girls of any age, consider one or two of the many charming children's books in the Pottery Barn Kids collection.

The vast majority of the toys for boys and girls available at Pottery Barn Kids are designed to encourage the kind of imaginative play that research suggests is critical for the development of empathy and social skills. Kids will love taking their make-believe play to new levels with life-like dolls, play kitchens that rival the real thing, or a tool bench that comes with all the essentials. Give the gift of a collapsible play tent or canvas playhouse, and you'll have opened the door to any number of imaginative scenarios. Include an astronaut costume, and the tent becomes a rocket ship; provide a princess dress, and it's a magical castle. The possibilities are endless.